Theory came to SPLASHLIGHT with the challenge to translate their photography standards - newly established by their advertising team - into sustainable, scalable and reproducible creative and production guidelines. As SPLASHLIGHT's Creative Director, I worked closely with the Director of Production, and the Director of Post Production on designing the right workflows and production parameters. I also selected the creative talents, and together we worked on a creating a lighting that would both feel "Theory" but also be consistent and adaptible (wouldn't require too many tweaks depending on garment color or skin tone), as well as always being flattering to the product. We conducted a very thorough research on model stance, position, attitude as well as the styling rules and parameters, and hair and make up to really define Theory's e-commerce recipe. The same level of care was applied for the still life photography.
We definitely succeeded in reaching the quality required and this allowed us to shoot editorial images on the same days/sets that were used on the website and in e-mail marketing.

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